Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Demonstration at PLN Karimun (Electricity Supplier)

There was another demonstration at the PLN Ranting Karimun office, located at Jalan Pertambangan yesterday (27th April) at around 19:30 WIB. This time the demonstrators were hundreds of residents from Jelutung, Babusalam Kelurahan, Kecamatan Tebing, Tanjungbalai Karimun.

The demonstration was triggered by the frequent blackouts (mati lampu/pemadaman) occurring at their place. The blackouts can occur twice a day. The worst thing is that the blackouts normally happen at night which affect their children, many of whom are studying for their junior high school national exams (UN) . "They are forced to use oil lamps.", said Sariman and Woko citizens of Jelutung.

Batam Pos reporter was on the scene and saw the demonstrators arrive around 19:30 by motorcycles. However they found the PLN office to be empty.

Edi Firman, the Manager PLN Ranting Tanjungbalai Karimun was not at the office. Edi arrived around at 20:00 WIB, after being driven by Karimun police personnel using a police patrol car.

At approximately 20:10 WIB, Karimun Regent Nurdin Basirun was seen amongst the residents. Nurdin was seeking to calm the residents. Soon after that Karimun Vice Regent Aunur Rafiq was also at the location.

At around 20:25 WIB, Edi accompanied Yusuf Sirat, commissioner III DPRD Karimun came out of the office to meet the people. Using a megaphone, Edi tried to explain the causes of the blackouts in the Jelutung region.

"The blackout was caused by mechanical problems on the Allen machinery, specifically on Piston 6. We have been trying to fix it since morning." Edi said.

After hearing this, the residents did not accept it because the blackouts have been occuring for over a week. Edi then said that the area is prone to lightning. Every time lightning occurs, blackouts will occur. The residents just did not accept the above explanation.

As a result Edi could not respond. The resident then started to scold and berate Edi. The situation became calmer when Yusuf Sirat who is also a Jerutong resident started to address the crowd. He said that the problem will soon be fixed.

Translated from Batam Pos

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