Saturday, May 9, 2009

Indonesian Hotel & Restaurant Org: Tourist Numbers Down in Karimun

Read from Batam Pos

The Indonesian Hotel & Restaurant Organisation (PHRI) Karimun, has asked the local goverment to review the recent increment of the international port tax. This is due to the impact on the numbers of tourist from the new regulation. The occupancy rates of hotels and wismas directly affected by it. Numbers of rooms sold cannot even cover operational cost.

"Don't wait till the situation is intolerable before the goverment begins to react. We ask the goverment to be proactive to the people's complaints," said the secretary of PHRI Karimun, Tantimin SH, yesterday. The truth of the decline in tourist numbers, says Tantimin, can be seen from the Immigration Inspection Place (TPI) international port Tanjungbalai Karimun. All international tourists from Malaysia and Singapore enters via TPI.

Kelly, another member of PHRI says, the port pass tarriff which increased from Rp25 thousand to Rp60 thousand, is much higher than those charged by Singapore and Malaysia. Singapore charges it's visitors 6 Dollar plus 18 Dollar fuel surcharge. Malaysia only charge RM10 which is only around Rp30 thousand.

"With such high charges, visitors are reluctant to visit Karimun," he adds. In terms of facilities, Karimun International Port is far from adequate. There are no clean water and the aircondition is almost non-existent.

Facilities at Batam Center Port is much better. However it's port tax is only Rp43 thousand only.

Kelly also admits that occupancy rates are now very low. Many hotelliers have complained to PHRI. Some have even admitted to zero occupancy!

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  1. All tourist should avoid TBK at all cost. The authorities there need to be tought a lesson. The hotels, restaurants, pubs/karaokes and even the supir and the ojek boys will surely feel the pinch. Let see what these groups will do.