Saturday, June 27, 2009

More shutdown

Tanjung Balai economy seems to be slowing down. From a visitor's perpective, I see some wismas and hotels shutting down. One of my favourite restaurants, the Silver Fish (next to Rasa Sayang Hotel) is now closed. This is quite sad. One thing about an economy downturn is that people have to adapt. Some people have taken on extra work, change jobs or have better marketing. One surprise I saw was Hotel Maxi being fully booked on one night when other hotels were very quiet. Hotel Maxi seems to be able to cater for bigger groups like wedding parties, conventions and seminars.

I was at Hotel Paradise which used to be one of the top hotels in Tanjung Balai. It was the quietest I have ever seen it. There seems to be a mosquito plague there... The whole place smells of baygon! If you are at the lounge area, you are practically eaten alive by mosquitoes!

Santana is now a Karaoke lounge, opposite Paradise hotel. They have dangdut singers there now. Also plenty of pretty looking PR ladies. I found out that they used to work at other places but now have to supplement their income by working at Santana. Just another sign of how bad things are now.

Durian season is in full bloom! The price is around IDR 8,000 per kg now. Try it!



  2. Hi BEHAPPY,

    So much doom and gloom in your latest post. Is it really that bad ? Yes, I do see a noticable drop in the number of visitors, but I have not seen / heard of any hotels closing down because of recent economic downturn...maybe its because I have not been to TBK for nearly a month now.

    Silver Fish Restaurant...are you referring to the restaurant that is owned by Salim (its called "Silver River" to Rasa Sayang as well). if thats the case, i will indeed be disappointed...I like his cooking style...

    Santana of them used to be my regular, about 1 1/2 years back...that bird really screwed me monetarily (my bad for being a sucker) be careful :)

    When's your next trip to TBK ? I have to be there in 2 weeks time (18/7 - 19/7 weekend). Hope to meet up with you sometime.


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  4. Funny, i spoke to my friend in TBK and he says that Silver River is still open. He was there last Saturday night....but if your information is true, I surely will miss Salim's cooking & his Chinadoll lookalike girlfrield.


  5. Where to buy durians? Everywhere! There are vendors on every street. Also try the Puakang market area near Indo Yani.

    Why gloom? Well, that is the feedback I get from the locals. Yes, its the Silver River next to Rasa Sayang hotel... My bad... Getting old..

  6. behappy

    Could u plse enlighten us which hotel/wisma were shut down?

  7. brhappy

    The silver River restaurant is still open. Yesterday, 3/4 packed with customers!

    As for closure of hotels/wismas....I only aware Satria, Wisata closed for business! The former being closed for almost a yr plus and her boss same as Karimun/Paragon hotel.