Tuesday, April 14, 2009

News - Local workforce skills low, foreign workers seize opportunity

Translated from BatamPos

Monday, April 13, 2009

KARIMUN (BP) - The Department of Labor (Disnaker) Karimun Regency, Drs Syafri Salisman admitted his concern about the low skills of the local workforce (naker). Unfortunately, the opportunity to fill the jobs available cannot be achieved.

"I will admit it if our local workers' skills are still low. So, not surprisingly, if the job opportunities are taken by workers from outside the region, " said Syafri, last Saturday (11th April 2009) .

Regarding the statement made by Syafri, comments by dpc Chairman of the Confederation of All Indonesian Workers Sartikat (K-SPSI) Karimun Regency, Hanis Jasni. Hanis firmly stated that 5,000 jobs
promised for local workforce when PT Saipem opened, will not be realized. The issue is that the Karimun workforce cannot reach the numbers required.

Syafri add, he himself is unsure of the 8000 unemployed in the figures in the Karimun census. "From some of the data obtained, unemployment
in the Karimun is only around 4000 persons." said Syafri.

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