Monday, April 13, 2009

Promise to promote Karimun Island to Singapore Investors

Indonesian ambassador to Singapore Wardana, promise to promote Karimun island to potential Singaporean investors. "In order to promote the potential of Karimun we are here to see it for ourselves.", he said during a launch during the three-day visit to Karimun, recently (12th April 2009).

Moreover ambassador Wardana said that the investment opportunities are huge, now that Karimun is confirmed as a Free Trade Zone (FTZ). This is also an advantage with the close proximity to Singapore. Ambassador Wardana said the areas that will be reviewed will be the potential of the agriculture, tourism and maritime industries. "We will hold talks with stakeholders in Karimun, and later we will hear and see the existing conditions for ourselves." He said specifically.

Meanwhile, Karimun Regent Nurdin Basirun said, Karimun will be introduced to the outside world, particularly Singapore. That is why we invited the ambassador to view the potential of Karimun region.

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