Friday, May 29, 2009

Checks on Foreign workers in Tanjung Balai

Immigration checks on foreign workers in Karimun. PT Saipem workers.29th May 2009, from Tribun Batam

Immigration: There are about 200 foreign workers in Karimun.

From 23rd May to 2nd June, Karimun police will be checking on foreign workers as part of the security operations in preparation of the Karimun Regency presidential election on the 8th July.

The Police Commissioner Guruh Arif, Deputy Chief Police Karimun reported to the Tribune after leading the code of ethics assembly in the police Mapolres Karimun, on Wednesday.

Based on data from Karimun, there are about 200 foreign workers in Karimun. Meanwhile, there are 41 foreign citizens with a Limited Stay Permit Card (KITAS). There are 34 person who are new KITAS owner and 7 foreign citizens who are in the process of renewal.

Of the 34, 12 are Malaysians, then followed by citizens of Italy and France as much as 4 people each. India with 3 people, while Australia, Portugal, Philippines, China each accounted for 2 people. Colombia, Sri Lanka and Ukraine each person 1.

Those on extension visa must report to us once a month.

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