Friday, May 29, 2009

Tighter Inspection of Passengers in Tanjung Balai

Health check for H1N1 at Tanjung Balai's Pelabuhan (Ferry)29th May 2009
From Batam Pos

In anticipation of Swine Flu from infected areas, the Karimun port health authorities have tightened the inspection for incoming visitors.

"With confirmed cases in Malaysia and Singapore, the checks on people from these areas are have tightened," said Rizaldi, Section Head of Control and Quarantine Port Health Office Class II Tanjungbalai Karimun, Thursday.

Previously only body temperature was taken from incoming passengers. Additional steps now include passengers filling in health cards which will make it easier to contact the visitors if they are in Karimun for a longer stay.

As a result of these checks, a resident from Bulu disrict Safri (31) , who just returned from visiting Malaysia was taken to the local hospital after recording a body temperature of 38 Deg C.

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