Friday, April 24, 2009

Hotel Wiko

Hotel Wiko at night. Tanjung BalaiHotel Wiko is one of the newer hotels in Tanjung Balai. It has a bustling feel about it with a food court and restaurant area right on it's front step. The star pub is also popular for it's live band performances. I understand that the live band now only operates on Saturday nights, and the rest of the nights it's just a karaoke lounge. It was pretty empty when I went there on a Monday night. Actually even the food court was pretty quiet. The parking area seems to be always full though.

When I stayed at Wiko a few year back, it was too busy! The rooms are not very well sound proofed and you hear every footstep and activity outside your room.

Seafood restaurant in Hotel Wiko's food court areathis is one of the restaurant outside Wiko. A little expensive.

The location is pretty good as it is near the market, the disco, the massage parlours, etc. There is a hair salon on the ground floor.


  1. how about the price of wiko hotel??

  2. no telp nya brp yaa???

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