Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things to do around Tanjung Balai Town

Narrow street of Tanjung Balai. Take a walk around town. Don't get stuck in your hotel or else you will miss many things. There are only 2-3 main streets in town. They are narrow, so be careful. Watch out for the holes in the sidewalk. Some places, you have to walk on the main road because the sidewalk is blocked. Watch out for the traffic when you do so.

There are a few nice cafes/restaurants which are airconditioned. Try them out.

Wooden bus, oplet. Tanjung Balai Karimun This is a schoolbus carrying the local kids. The body is made from wood. Very colourful and cute. Note the driver's window.

Magnificent temple on Jalan Nusantara, Tanjung Balai townThis is a chinese temple on Jl Nusantara near towards the market area.

Night market or pasar malam in Tanjung Balai, KarimunIf you head towards the ferry terminal, you will pass the pasar malam. This night market opens around the late afternoon and is open till about 10pm. Great to buy snacks and food.

Kuih kuih at the pasar malamOne of the food stalls at the pasar malam.

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