Friday, April 24, 2009

News: MV Falcon rough ferry ride from Singapore

PT Info Falcon Management reported that it's ferry, MV Falcon 2, could not depart from Singapore due to high waves and and being swamped rather than water leakage as reported earlier.

"Approximately at 19.00 WIB, whille passing Takong Kecil Island, MV Falcon 2 was trapped by very strong sea waves. The sea water came over the top of the ship, "said PT Indo Falcon Port Captain, Johanes Diano Bani , Thursday (23rd April).

Johanes thinks that the water came in through the ventilation shafts on the upper deck. Then it flowed through to the passenger compartment in the front. This condition prevented us from continuing to Tanjung Balai Karimun in the bad weather condition. So the captain decided for a rescue operation. He decided to change course for the nearest island for shelter and called his company for immediate evacuation.

Meanwhile Johanes said, the captain announced to the passengers of 46 people (not 63 people) that the ship could not continue in it's travel.

"After MV Falcon 5 arrived, passengers and goods were transferred aboard. The evacuation occured between 20:00 and 21:00 WIB. Passengers who were evacuated to MV Falcon 5 arrived in Karimun around 22:21 o'clock WIB in safe condition and no baggage was missing or damaged," he said.

The next day, Wednesday (22nd April) during high tide, MV Falcon 2 was taken to Tanjunguncang, Batam for a dock inspection.

"From the Tanjunguncang inspection, we found no leaks in the boat. There was no leak under the waterline. During the MV Falcon 2 incident, water came through the top of the ship and ventilation and could not sail to Batam, "John said firmly.

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