Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The indonesian language is very similar to Malaysian Malay. However there are distinct differences. Here are some translated words to help you along:

Motor - Motorcycles
Mobil - (pronounced mobeel), cars
Supir - driver. Can also mean to drive
Santai - relax
Sarapan - breakfast
Makan siang - lunch
Makan malam - dinner
Roomboy - Bellboy and the guys that you call for room service
Ojek - motorbikes that acts as personal taxi. Also to mean the bike driver. Just call ojek on any street and someone should respond to you to bring you around balai.
Balai - short name for tanjung balai.
kantor - office room
hp - pronounced ha-pay. Handphone
Pulsa - handphone credit or top up.
Pelabuhan - port
Wisma - cheap hotels. normally with common bathroom.
Capet - (pronounced cha pet) tired
Lantai - floor, lantai 1 = first/ground floor
Oplet - small vans that acts as buses.

If you have any questions, feel free to post and I will try to translate.


  1. Here are a few more:
    Poilisi - Police
    Macet - traffic jam
    Karyawan - worker, employee
    Pabrik - factory
    PT - Pronounced Pay Teh, Company.
    Walet - Swift birds. The type that they keep for birds nest soup.

  2. bukan capet but capek