Friday, April 10, 2009

News - Dozens of houses smashed by mini tornadoes

Belasan Rumah Dihantam Angin Puting Beliung

Translation from above:

Residents in the vicinity of Bukit Tiung, Tanjungbalai Karimun District, at around 09.30 WIB was shocked by the onset of mini tornadoes on Monday 6th April 2009.

As a result, dozens of homes, especially those located near the Chinese cemetery was damaged by the heavy wind.

"My kitchen was not spared from the tornado. In my neighbourhood, around 12 homes were damaged’ said owner of RT 02/ RW 07, Fachrurozi, yesterday.

The wind also damaged two other buildings, namely the hostel of Marga Yeo and Ngiap E pagoda which is located on the top of the Chinese cemetery.

"From dozens of homes affected by the tornado, one home was severely damaged. That is, the house owned by Day. Fortunately, the house was empty. Just one day before the owner moved to a new place, "he said.

A local resident, Sukoyo said that when the incident happened, he was outside the house and saw a cloud of wind coming from the South or the sea from Puakang

When he saw the wind, Sukoyo shouted for the people to get out of the houses. This was to prevent the loss of life. But, the roof of the building of houses were damaged by the tornado"he said.

Tumidan, a Tiung Hill resident said, it's been a very long time since this region has been affected by tornadoes. Dozen years ago or around 1992 tornadoes damage the building in this area.

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