Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Money - Rupiah

Called uang. The local curency is the Rupiah. I normally change most of my rupiahs in Balai itself. Better exchange rate. There is an exchange right in the immigration centre just after custom check. There are a few money changers around town too.

I don't suggest using credit cards there. It cost a lot and I don't feel safe using it. Lots of story about cc fraud.

Always have lots of 5k & 10k notes around. Great for tips for the hotel staff. If you go to balai 4 the first time, the chaps in the immigration counter may try to bully you for some uang kopi (bribe). They will normally point to some Singapore or Malaysia $10 notes on their desk, hoping for the same. Just drop a 10k note there casually. DON'T do this after your first trip. Once you have a balai chop on your passport, you are a veteran:)

Some hotels in balai quote Sing dollar as the room rate. If you have Singapore notes, keep them for the hotel bill. It's cheaper. Otherwise they will convert it to rupiah at an exorbitant rate.

The minimum wage for the Karimun regency is around 900k rph per month. So it is not a lot. Somehow, they get by. That's why the tips are much appreciated.

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  1. When you go buy somthing from the shops and you are supposed to receive small change, they may give you two sweets instead of coins. Cute!